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At Calypsu, we use creative strategies to come up with innovative designs right at the center of Viability, Desirability, Feasibility.

Gather Inspiration

Inspire new thinking by discovering what people really need.

Generate ideas

Push past obvious solutions to get to breakthrough ideas.

Make Ideas Tangible

Build rough prototypes to learn how to make ideas better.

May we present our team

Strategy Director
Aanand Madhav
Creative Director
Priya Thakur
Operations Manager
Atul Kumar
UI/UX Designer
Abhishek Gupta
UX Writer

“Coming up with an idea is easy. Coming up with the right one takes work. With design thinking, throwing out what you think you know and starting from scratch opens up all kinds of possibilities.”

Problems We Solve

  • Understanding product uniqueness and presenting you with a prototype for your unfurnished ideas.
  • Understanding/defining problem and guide you about user experience.
  • Addressing critical design & usability flaws
  • Clarifying interface writing
  • Providing guidance on color, typography, and visual style for your product and branding needs.

Perfect for

  • Startups with fresh ideas.
  • Companies preferring new ,fresh & innovative designs.
  • Brands looking for researched present day redesigns.
  • Companies looking for growth and lead generation through websites.
  • Web & Mobile Apps.

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